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Rustic Sicilian Cuisine  

Roman-Style Pizza

Craft Cocktail Bar 

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Rustic Tuscan Country Fare By Chef/Owner Nick Accardi


 Nick Accardi was born in Brooklyn, New York but was raised in Italy in a very food focused family, with constant emphasis on cooking quality, fresh food at home. He learned his craft through apprenticeships with various old school chefs. Accardi opened his first restaurant, Cola's, in Chelsea in 1988. Seven restaurants later, he opened Tavola in Hell's Kitchen in 2012 and continues to serve authentic Italian cuisine. He has now lived in Manhattan 35 years and plans on continuing his families' legacy by bringing true Italian fare to New York City 

Gluten Free Pasta and Pizza


Tavolino prepares Gluten Free Items in house!  With Daily Specials and substitutions for all our pizzas and pastas

We cater


We cater all events! Inquire about our packages for To Go or in house.


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Tavolino Restaurant

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